Meet Our Staff

Q&A With Karen Hoaglin

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Karen Hoaglin

Shurmur Center students gain real-world advantages by:

Gaining access to working with current professional educators. Students are given the opportunity to manage budgets, plan and coordinate field trips, teach in classrooms, and visit international educational facilities.”

Karen’s Best Advice

“Take advantage of the many different opportunities you will have to interact with youth and professional educators. Always be ready to reach out, to listen and to learn from others, and trust that process.”

Some of our most memorable moments are...

“Celebrating a student teacher’s accomplishments with faculty and family members at the Capstone reception hosted each semester. This serves as the culminating event of their teacher education program.”

The Shurmur Center is unique because...

“We provide a richer quality of academic and professional experiences for future teachers. School administrators actively seek to employ Albion alumni, every semester, because of this.”

We look for students that are…

“Thoughtful and open, and curious and critical thinkers that are engaged by different viewpoints and positions. Students should be interested in serving as child and youth advocates for a more fair, equitable, and democratic society. It’s also important that our future teachers are morally and ethically grounded in the way they work with diverse children, youth, peers, and professionals.”