Our Mission

As your purchasing team we would like to streamline the procurement process to make ordering and invoicing more efficient. We are looking to consolidate vendors who provide the best quality, cost, and efficient product delivery. To ensure consistency throughout the process, we will be creating purchase requisitions before orders are placed. This will also provide proper approval for what is being purchased by the College and allow more transparent communication throughout the whole purchasing process.

Purchasing Team Request Forms

Purchasing Process

You must obtain a quote from a vendor or have a link for the item you wish to purchase, prior to filling out a purchasing request. 

After approval is granted, we will create a purchase requisition, verifying the vendor in the system is the best value, and communicate when that process is complete. You will receive an email confirmation that your order has been placed and/or a requisition number will be provided for your reference. After the purchase requisition has been approved, we will print the Purchase Order.  If an email address was provided, the Purchase Order will be sent to the vendor, and the requestor will be sent an email copy. If not, the Purchase Order will be sent to the requestor, this will then be your responsibility to place the order.  When the order is received, we will need the packing slip to prove the item was received and the invoice can be paid. For more detailed information on purchasing and vendor requirements, please see our Accounts Payable and Purchasing Policies, procedures and Form and Vendor Guidelines.

Travel Process / Reimbursements

Users will fill out the Travel Request for all travel. Once the Purchasing Department tells you that your pre-approval has been approved, log into concursolutions.com. You can use the SSO (Single Sign-On) which is your full email and your network password. Once logged in you will need to fill out your Profile and then go to Travel tab at the top and book flights, hotels, car rentals, train through the site. Please book all items necessary (air, car, hotel) at one time and not in separate bookings as this saves money.

If you are traveling as a group you will need to fill out the Group Travel Request Form. Someone from our Travel partner (CTP) will get back to you within 24 hours. Please fill out as much detail as possible on the form.

Expense reimbursements are also done at concursolutions.com. Click on Expense and fill out the needed information. You can download the Concur mobile app on your phone so you can take pictures of your receipts when you receive them and not have to worry about losing them and it will be stored in your library for you when you start logging your expenses.

Here is some travel training for further assistance.


  • Purchase Requisition (Req) – Departmental request to purchase goods and services. By creating a requisition this allows for Departmental approvals and the first step needed to create a Purchase Order. 
  • Purchase Order (PO) – a Contract between the college and the vendor.  The PO will be created when all approvals are done on the purchase requisition.  The PO will be sent to the vendor unless specified otherwise by the department requestor.  A PO is a means of payment to a vendor and also holds a place (encumbered) in your budget for this purchase.
  • FOAPAL– The string of account numbers to charge your department, F: Fund O: Organization A: Account P: Program A: Activity L: Location (If you do not know, provide your department name).


If you need the following, please fill out the correct form. 

  • Business Cards and Name Badges: This is the layout and format of the business cards please fill out and provide FOAPAL for order. You will receive an email notification that your order has been placed. Please use the Template for Submission to submit your template. (One person per form, this is to ensure spelling and accuracy.)  
  • Open PO Request Sheet: This is only for orders/ payments that are consistently paid throughout the year. A recurring bill or small orders are placed with a vendor often. Please use the Template for Submission to submit your template. (You can provide up to 4 opens on a form if more are needed fill out an additional form)    
  • Purchase Order Change Form: If you estimated too low of a cost for your open, please fill out a change order to increase the amount on the PO. Please use the Template for Submission to submit your template.

Items to request separately:

  • Contracts– Agreement between Albion and a Company providing a service/ labor to work or provide utilities on campus. ( DJ, Catering, Software, Online Health, Travel Agreements, etc).
  • Template for SubmissionThis form is used to submit the Purchase Order Change Form, Open PO Request Form and the Business Card and Name Badge Template.
  • Appeal If your pre-approval request is denied, use this form to enter an Appeal. Be sure to attach the denied (original) pre-approval.

Central Stores

Central Stores has all standard office supplies, batteries, coffee, tea and creamer. Once ordered through the form, someone in Facilities will deliver them to your office within 2 days. You do not need a pre-approval to use Central Stores.

Central Stores

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  • Prudie DeWaters

    Manager of Budgets and Procurement

    Office: Ground Floor (G01), Ferguson Building
    Email: pdewaters@albion.edu
    Phone: 517-629-0970