Our Partners

WG Construction Services LLC

In order to build capacity for Albion’s significant renovation and construction projects over the coming years, the College formed WG Construction Services LLC in 2021. There is currently a significant shortage of labor in the construction industry regionally. The LLC focuses on providing efficient and effective construction services to the College and to other clients in the community.

The LLC is operated by the College and led by Albion native and Albion College alumnus, Dave Diemert, ’08, who has been appointed as the General Manager of WG Construction Services LLC. Diemert’s experience managing projects for larger contractors in the region, combined with the experience of having run his own company, provides him with a keen understanding of the local construction labor and supplier market.

We have a significant amount of construction projects we are working to prioritize and address. Larger firms will be used for major building projects and renovations, while WG Construction Services LLC will address mid-size to smaller projects more nimbly and effectively. WG Construction Services LLC will also solicit non-college business with other clients.

The LLC is incorporated by the College. The LLC corporate form requires that the College appoint officers as corporate officers of the LLC. They will provide logistical and managerial oversight. Officers or employees of the College have no ownership or stake in the company and derive no financial profit from it.

While employees of Albion College can contract with WG Construction Services LLC for services, all contracts will be subject to full legal review and disclosure to ensure that no conflict of interest exists, and that pricing is consistent with market rates. In the coming months, the College looks forward to welcoming WG Construction Services LLC to a permanent location in Albion so they can continue to serve as a resource for the whole community.