TRiO Student Support Services

TRiO is a federally funded program that supports students at Albion College by building community, developing strategies for academic success, and offering resources for continued learning well beyond college. Our mission is to increase retention and graduation rates at Albion for our TRiO Brits.

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For incoming first-year students, your journey with TRiO begins well before classes start in the fall semester. Pre-semester support includes summer bridge programs, financial aid and literacy counseling, college success strategies, campus cultural events, and meeting with your new faculty and staff. But most importantly, our students do these activities together, creating community and peer-to-peer relationships, which last through graduation.

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As a federally funded program, we are only able to consider U.S. citizens or permanent residents pursuing their first bachelor’s degree. They must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • First-generation – primary parent, caregiver, or guardian has not earned a bachelor’s degree
  • Your family’s taxable income (after deductions) meets federal income eligibility guidelines based on household size.
  • You have a documented permanent physical or learning disability that impacts your educational experience.

Interested in becoming a TRIO Brit? Albion College students who fit the TRIO eligibility criteria are welcome to complete our application. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please note that submission of an application is not direct acceptance into the TRIO program.

What are the benefits of joining our TRiO program? Toggle Accordion

Just for YOU, our TRiO Brits, a wide range of academic, cultural, and career learning opportunities, including:

  • Summer Bridge for first-year students
  • Holistic advising
  • Academic support
  • Community/Peer Mentor support
  • Financial literacy
  • Cultural visits
  • Graduate school assistance and visits
  • Post-college exploration
  • Member of a national network of TRiO students and TRiO alumni

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Interested in joining the first TRIO Brit Class? Students who fit the TRiO eligibility criteria are welcome to complete our application. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please note that submission of an application is not a direct acceptance into the TRiO program.

Student walking into the Kellogg Center.

Prospective Students

For students who plan to enroll and take classes at Albion.

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Current Students

For students currently enrolled and taking classes at Albion.

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Peer Mentor Program

Our Peer Mentor program will begin in Fall 2021. Peer mentors are student staff members who provide leadership for participants in the TRIO SSS program. Mentors are typically Junior and Senior participants who assist in achieving the program goals including community building, campus navigating, and peer support. All mentors are trained by SSS staff and adhere to specific guidelines as it relates to supporting participants, Each mentor is assigned at least one first-year student in which the program lasts one year.

TRiO Virtual Visits