e-Bill is Albion College’s official method for sending student account Balance Due Notification. Students will no longer receive paper statements (or bills) beginning with the spring 2010 semester. Rather, they will receive email notification when balances are due.

Students will receive e-mails at their Albion College e-mail address, enabling them to review their account detail and make payments via the Internet.

This service is a secure method for viewing student account information and making online payments.

In addition to students receiving notification of new balances, students have the ability to add authorized payers/users to their account (typically a parent or guardian). Authorized payers/users will also receive email notification of account balances. Additionally, authorized payer/users can make online payments with credit card, e-Check, 529, or International payments via Transfermate.

e-Bill Allows Students to:

  • View current and previous account detail
  • Automatically be notified when new balances are due
  • Make online payments with a credit card or e-Check
  • Allow authorized users the ability to make online payments