Authorized Payers/Users

In addition to student’s receiving notification of new balance activity, students have the ability to add “authorized payers/users” to their account – typically parents or guardians. Authorized payers/users will also receive email notification of new balance activity. Additionally, authorized payers/users can make online payments with a credit credit card, e-Check, 529 plan, or International payments via Transfermate.

Students can add an authorized user to their account by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to the “My Albion”  Website. ( website, current students, scroll down, click the  “My Albion” button.)
  2.  Log into  “My Albion”  using your user I.D. (student ID number) and password.  
  3. Click on student finances card
  4. Click on the TRANSACT Online Account Access box.  
  5. Under Overview, Click “Send a payer invitation”
  6. Enter the first and last name of the payer/user
  7. Enter the email address of the payer/user you would like to authorize
  8. Confirm the email address of the payer/user you would like to authorize
  9. Make sure box is selected for statements and tax forms
  10. Insert a message to your authorized payer/user (Optional)
  11. Click “Send Invitation”

The new authorized payer/user will receive an email providing instructions and a temporary password.  The user must log in to change the password.  

Please add the address [email protected] to your email contacts to ensure notifications do not go to your spam folder.