Career Opportunities

Leslee Fritz, '94

Leslee Fritz, ’94, has held a number of roles in Michigan state government. Currently, she is director, public affairs and administrative services, with the Department of Civil Rights.

An undergraduate major in political science is used by many students as a background for graduate study—and eventually employment—in such fields as law, public policy, public administration, business administration, and international relations.

Other fields that may be directly open to graduates include public opinion and market research, city or county management, urban planning, policy analysis, social work, municipal management, secondary school teaching, TV and radio, journalism, lobbying, criminal justice, campaign management, and legislative staff work.

The Political Science Department Placement Program is designed to assist students both in identifying the possibilities after Albion and in beginning their post-graduate careers. The program offers information on internships, graduate schools, and employment opportunities for Albion political science majors and graduates. Stop by the department office or contact us for more information.

Check out our Career Resources below for links to internships, jobs, lists of non-governmental organizations and think tanks, and more.

Career Resources

You are encouraged to discuss with your professors various career options in political science. Listed below are a series of links to career-related websites.