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The study of politics is informed by longstanding questions about power, freedom, justice and equality. The study of politics often entails a systematic but also critical examination of institutions and government processes at domestic and international levels. Through our political science courses students engage the spectrum of national, global and sub-national politics. They learn to contrast the American experience with political structures and processes in other parts of the world.

Our students develop the skills and mode of thinking that will foster a deeper understanding of our globalized world, appreciation of its diversity, and a respect for pluralistic points of view – all factors that lead to success in law school, graduate school and public and private sector careers. Our graduates have the tools they need to understand the complex world of politics. They possess strong analytical skills and can effectively and persuasively communicate their ideas through highly developed written and oral communication skills.

Our graduates have successful careers in government; politics; law; business; education; public service; NGO employment; civic engagement; political activism at the local, state and national levels; private for-profit and non-profit public sector organizations; consulting for local, state and federal government; journalism; communications; diplomacy and international organizations; campaign finance and management; and community service.

Meet some recent graduates below and see where their experience has taken them.

  • Legislative Associate

    National Association of Development Organizations (NADO)

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