Mission Statement

Music is one of the oldest disciplines in the liberal arts, and thus represents one of the traditional fields of knowledge. Integration with other disciplines is represented well within the department, for music brings people in contact with great literature such as drama and poetry, with dance, with historical and sociological trends, and with religious and philosophical ideas.

One of the most important contributions provided by the Music Department is the opportunity for self-expression, either individually or with others. The stimulation and enjoyment derived from music springs from study, self-examination and criticism, discipline, knowledge of other disciplines that bear upon musical interpretation, and a desire to achieve excellence. These are liberating, civilizing, sensitizing influences upon humanity in any age and in any place; they help prepare students for rich and rewarding lives.

Our philosophy and mission is reflected in our student learning outcomes for a major in music:

  1. Students will grow in artistic expression on a principal instrument/voice as developed through diverse repertoire studies in individual and ensemble performance, practicing, and sight reading experiences.
  2. Students will be able to describe various careers in music and demonstrate essential skills and knowledge necessary for success.
  3. Students will demonstrate understanding of essential theoretical and structural concepts in music through written analysis, aural perception, improvisation, and application at the piano keyboard.
  4. Students will demonstrate familiarity with essential stylistic elements in music from a variety of historical periods, national origins, and genres through listening and analysis.
  5. Students will demonstrate ability to place elements of musical works into their historical, cultural, and/or social context.
  6. Students will be familiar with the basic concepts and practices of pedagogy, especially as they relate to music education.

The Music Department offers courses for a broad range of students—from those who aspire to a musical career to those who wish to develop their avocational interests in music. Membership in all performing ensembles and opportunities for private music lessons are open to all students regardless of major. Albion has an excellent library of books, musical scores, recordings and stereo listening equipment—all available for student use. Albion College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

The Music Department offers three music curricula:

  • Music major
  • Music major with performance emphasis
  • music major with music education emphasis

Music Major

Our approach to music bridges disciplines, just like the art of music itself. Choose a pathway of study that matches your interests and goals.

Music Major