Albion’s Teacher Education Program is approved by the Michigan Department of Education and was accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) based on the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) Quality Principles in November 2016.

The TEP is hosting a CAEP accreditation visit in the Spring of 2023. The following preparation programs are part of this ongoing review:

Elementary Certification, Elementary and Secondary Teaching English as a Second Language, Secondary Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science/Space Science, English, History, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Psychology and Social Studies as well as K/12 French, German, Spanish and Music.

The accreditation process establishes rigorous standards for educator preparation programs and holds accredited institutions accountable for providing evidence of meeting these standards.

CAEP Accountability Measures

CAEP promotes excellence in educator preparation through quality assurance and continuous improvement by using several measures to assess the efficacy of educator preparation programs. As part of Albion’s CAEP accreditation, we annually reports and publicly shares data on our Teacher Education Programs.  The data below summarizes our annual measurements of how Albion’s Teacher Education Programs prepare our students for success in their careers. We encourage you to look through our data and analyses in each of the sections below.

Completer Impact and Effectiveness (R4.1) Toggle Accordion

Albion College tracks our Teacher Education Program completer’s impact on P-12 student-learning growth and effectiveness in applying professional knowledge, skills and dispositions by using data collected and provided yearly by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).

The MDE Educator Effectiveness scores measure the effectiveness of teachers who have recently completed the Albion College Teacher Education Program  (i.e. graduates who completed the program within the past five years and have fewer than three years teaching experience. For the 2021-2022 academic year, 54 ratings were submitted by administrators for recent Albion College TEP completers. Of these ratings, 96.3% of our recent program completers were rated as “Effective” or “Highly Effective.”  These ratings are based on the performance of their students in state-wide testing and the observations their school administrators.


Satisfaction of Employers (R4.2) and Stakeholder Involvement (R5.3) Toggle Accordion

In the Spring of 2022, the MDE conducted a survey of administrators about their satisfaction with their first-year teachers, including those who had recently completed the Albion College TEP. The survey measured their satisfaction with the first year teachers’ abilities in five areas: Instructional Strategies and Assessment, Meeting Student Needs, Technology Use, External Relationships and Professionalism.

Results indicate that administrators are highly satisfied with the efficacy of Albion College TEP completers across all five categories. Employers very frequently responded that their first year teachers from Albion College demonstrated effectiveness when asked about the teachers’: Instructional Strategies and Assessment (90.5%), Meeting Student Needs (91.3%), Technology Use (100.0%), External Relationships (100.0%) and Professionalism (100.0%).

To supplement the quantitative data from the MDE Administrator, in the Spring of 2021, the Albion College TEP began conducting interviews with administrators who had employed recent TEP completers. Owing to administrators’ limited availability, this interview cycle included just one administrator who had hired multiple completers. Response data nevertheless mirrored themes evident in the Administrator Survey. The interviewee indicated strong overall satisfaction  across all areas, especially within the areas of Preparation Program Design (“You have an excellent program, it is well-received in this area and the state”) and Professionalism (“They were hungry, willing to learn, willing to get their hands dirty, have that energy,” “The ones that I hired all became leaders in our building”).

Lastly, since MDE Educator Effectiveness scores are derived from Administrators directly supervising newly-hired teachers, these scores can serve as a proxy for employer satisfaction (i.e. administrators who rate a teacher as effective are likely to be satisfied with their new employees) For the 2021-2022 academic year, 54 ratings were submitted by administrators for recent Albion College TEP completers. Of these ratings, 96.3% of our recent program completers were rated as “Effective” or “Highly Effective,” indicating a employers were likely satisfied with their employees who had completed the Albion College TEP.

Candidate competency at completion (R3.3) Toggle Accordion

The Albion College TEP assesses candidates’ competency at completion at the end of their student teaching internship using four key assessments: the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC), the Albion College Framework for Teaching (FFT) Feedback form (Tier 4), the Dispositional Learning Outcomes (DLO) Feedback Form, and the MDE Candidate Suite Survey (Cooperating Teacher Survey).

During the 2021-2022 Academic Year, 12 Albion College student teachers took at least one MTTC. Of those candidates, eight passed at least one MTTC (67%) to complete the TEP and become licensed educators.

Student teachers are also evaluated by their mentor teachers using the Albion College Framework for Teaching that covers four domains of professional knowledge and skills (planning & preparation, the classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities). All 2021-2022 student teachers met or exceeded TEP expectations for competency at completion. Student teachers’ average scores (using a 0-4 point scale) for planning & preparation (3.35), the classroom environment (3.5), instruction (3.39), and professional responsibilities (3.4) demonstrate that, as a group, student teachers exceeded expectations for professional competency at completion.

Lastly, mentor teacher feedback on 2021-2022 student teachers from the MDE Candidate Suite Survey indicates that, overall mentor teachers evaluations of the student teacher were very positive. Sixteen out of 17 mentor teachers responded that their student teacher was ready to enter the teaching profession. More specifically, in all six categories assessing student teachers’ readiness, candidates were consistently rated as effective to a great or moderate extent. Effectiveness percentages ranged from 80% to 100%, and the category with the lowest percentage (“Meeting Students Needs”) was significantly impacted by a high frequency of items where mentor teachers reported they had no opportunity to assess the candidate.

Albion College measures the competence of our Teacher Education Program candidates at the end of their program (i.e. during the final weeks of student teaching) using a survey conducted by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) given to student teachers’ cooperating teacher and college supervisor.

In the 2020-21 MDE survey, student teachers’ cooperating teachers and college supervisors were asked to evaluate the candidate’s “Overall Readiness” to enter the teaching profession, and specifically to evaluate four aspects of the candidate’s teaching skills: “Instructional Strategies and Assessment,” “Meeting Student Needs,” “Professional Awareness,” and “Technology Use.”

For “Overall Readiness,” 100% of our student teachers’ college supervisors and 93.8% of their cooperating teachers said our student teachers were ready for the teaching profession. On average, across all survey items on the four aspects of the candidate’s teaching skills, 92.4% of the time, college supervisors and cooperating teachers said our student teachers were effective. For supervisor and cooperating teachers’ responses on each aspect, see the Albion College 20-21 Candidate Suite Survey Summary.

Ability of Completers to be Hired Toggle Accordion

Albion College TEP completers are sought after by Michigan school districts. One hundred percent of last year’s graduates are employed either in a full-time position or long-term substitute position.

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