International Students

Albion College welcomes international students, and a growing number of our students come from outside the United States.

Why Study Economics and Management at Albion College?

International students at Albion.Albion’s program in Economics and Management provides a pathway to a productive career in business, government, or nonprofit organizations. Our majors have had considerable success in getting good jobs after graduation or in gaining admission to selective graduate or professional programs. This success makes an Economics and Management degree from Albion College a good investment in your future.

Albion College provides a safe, supportive environment for academically talented international students who want to learn about America. Experience living and studying in America is especially valuable for those seeking careers in business or government because of the economic importance of the U.S. Having international students at Albion also enhances the educational experience of our American students.

Economics and Management Curriculum

Albion College offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree program in many different fields, including economics and management.

The Economics and Management department offers several of the most popular majors at Albion College. We have accounting, finance and several E&M majors with emphasis. We offer small classes taught by very good teachers. Our courses address both the immediate application of problem-solving techniques and the conceptual basis for those techniques. This conceptual knowledge prepares students for eventual advancement into senior positions.

Our curriculum prepares students to analyze, decide, and lead in business, government, or nonprofit organizations. Areas of emphasis within the Economics and Management Department include economics, general business, human resources, and international business and economics. We offer all of the courses needed to be eligible to take the CPA exam. Many of our students participate in Albion’s Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management.

International Interests of Economics and Management Faculty

Several faculty members in Albion College’s Economics and Management Department have international interests:

Vicki Baker teaches E&M 362, International Management. She has supervised a management project conducted by a joint team of students from Albion College and from ESCIA, a business school in France. She visited France and Greece in spring 2011 in an effort to secure international project opportunities for Albion College students. As part of the Michigan Colleges Alliance (of which Albion College is a member), Vicki is part of the Global Leadership Development Program team for Shape Corporation (headquarters in Grand Haven, MI). Vicki is working with high potential individuals at Shape to train them for leadership advancement within the global company. She was in China and will be in Mexico as part of this executive education training which she helped develop and deliver.

Zhen Li received her B.A. degree at Peking University before obtaining her Ph.D. from Princeton University. She teaches E&M 363, The Chinese Economy; E&M 365, International Finance; and E&M 366, International Trade. She has done research on equity market liberalization in developing countries. She is a native speaker of Mandarin.

Admission, Costs, and General Information

Admission decisions are made at the College level, rather than the departmental level. The Albion College Web site has information about international admissions. We are academically selective, drawing mainly from the top quarter of high school graduates.

The Albion Web site also has information about financial aid for international students as well as costs. Academically strong international students can receive generous scholarships of up to 50 percent of the cost of tuition, room, and board. Nevertheless, international students should be aware that college or university education is much more expensive in the U.S. than it is in many other countries.

Albion College is located in Michigan, a state in the northern U.S. Our campus is in the City of Albion, a small town about 150 km west of Detroit and 300 km east of Chicago. Albion College is about an hour’s drive from two very large universities with many international students: the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.