Meet Our Alumni

From the moment they receive their degree, Albion economics and management graduates are prized employees and attractive candidates for further study in graduate and professional school. Get to know a few of our recent alumni below.

  • Larenz Hill, '23

    Management Trainee for Enterprise

    “Albion helped get me there by giving me all the tools with a hands on experience. That translates to Enterprise where all of the training and experience is live and in action.”

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  • Alexa Hitchko, ’23

    Healthcare Administration

    “Albion College has provided me with countless opportunities that have allowed me to get the most out of my college experience. Unique off-campus programs—the Philadelphia Center and studying abroad — have encouraged personal development.”

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  • Justin Huttenlocher, '23

    Technology Risk Business Consultant

    “Albion has been the place to foster new opportunities and experiences. Albion does not only focus on the four years of being a student, but instead brings in the overall college experience to be prepared for life after college. Throughout my last four years here, I have realized that Albion has the resources, staff, faculty and institutions to support you in any aspect of your life.”

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  • Brandon Luttig, ’23

    Auditor for the Office of the Auditor General (State of Michigan)

    “Albion provided me with the opportunities to be successful in the transition from a student to going into the workforce. Specifically, the Gerstacker Institute helped connect me with a network of Albion alumni, and helped me gain leadership and business skills through on-campus programs as well as internship experiences.”

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  • Claire Nickerson, '23

    Business Planning Specialist

    “My interviewing skills ALL came from Albion College specifically the Gerstacker Institute! A majority of my interview stories stem from some leadership position I held during my time at Albion as well! Albion has SO many resources to propel its students forward.”

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  • Joseline Lopez Perez, '23

    Pursuing a Master's in Marketing Research

    Assistant Store Manager at White House Black Market

    “Albion helped me get here by offering support, a tight knit community, and opportunities to be myself. I became more outgoing throughout my time at Albion and was able to develop the professional and educational skills I now use throughout my day-to-day tasks.”

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  • Andrew Sowa, '23

    Middle Market Banking & Specialized Industries Analyst

    “Albion helped me achieve this employment position in several different facets. First, the network and connections I built through my involvements (Gerstacker Institute, Business Fraternity, Investment Club) at Albion was very important. I spoke directly with a variety of Albion alumni who shared different opportunities and advice that helped tremendously.”

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  • Jared Fife, ’21

    Staff Accountant – Tax at Ernst & Young

    “Albion gave the tools that I needed to help me get a tremendous start to my career. My professors challenged my intellectual capacity through the content I learned and pushed me to think about how the course material would apply in the real world.”

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  • Michele Gervais, '20

    Associate Relationship Manger for PNC

    “What originally drew me to Albion was their business program and the Gerstacker institute. I had always been interested in business and I wanted the college I attended to have a great business program and for me that was Albion. Not only did I study Economics and Management but I joined the Gerstacker Institute as well. ”

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  • Alec Palmer, ’20

    MMBSI Commercial Banking Analyst, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

    “Every day there are new challenges to think about and overcome, new clients and business partners to meet, and new skills and ideas to learn and refine.”

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  • Marceline Redick, ’20

    Tax Staff at Ernst and Young LLP, La Jolla, CA

    “I was drawn to tax because I like that it is very methodical but there is also an ever changing component. With tax laws and regulations, there will always be updates, changes, and taxes have a very real impact on people and businesses.”

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  • Samantha White, '20

    Underwriting at United Wholesale Mortgage

    “Albion has allowed me to major in two rigorous subjects with the interdepartmental major. Because of this, Albion has given me the chance to study both mathematics and economics, while showing me the way the two fields are connected with specific courses designed for this major.”

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  • Angela Adams, ’19

    Grad School, Ohio University in Athens

    “The endless networking and resume building opportunities [at Albion] provided help many students grow and learn about their desired career paths.”

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  • Josh Sannes, ’19

    Financial Institution Specialist, FDIC

    “Albion gave me varied experience and great work ethic. My professors shared their experiences with me during their academic career and their journeys to becoming professors.”

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  • Monica Shuk, ’19

    Accounting/Auditor at Ernst & Young

    “The people I meet with EY are fantastic, always helpful, and I enjoy being with them outside of work which makes the job even better. It is challenging, and you always continue to learn and advance so you do not take what you know and stop at that.”

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  • Henry Swett, ’19

    Staff Accountant, nonprofit

    “I studied Sociology alongside Accounting at Albion and I always wanted to work in the non-profit world. Being part of an organization which satisfies my love for accounting and my passion for serving others is a blessing.”

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  • Carrigan Thiesan, ’19

    Commercial Banking Analyst

    “I have the opportunity to work with clients in a variety of industries within a relationship-oriented and analytical workplace. No day is the same and I always have opportunities to expand my knowledge and skillset within the banking and finance industry.”

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  • John Pearce, '11

    Portfolio Manager at Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

    Albion helped me to find out what I was good at and explore a field that it was useful in. I would not be where I am today without the internship I found through an Albion alumnus and would not have succeeded in that opportunity without what I had learned in the classroom.

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  • Jacob Lee, ’10

    Client Results Executive for Sentrics

    Jacob Lee, ’10 majored in E&M (Accounting emphasis) & Spanish Literature. While here he was a captain on the Football team and was named the National Football Foundation Morley Fraser Scholar Athlete and the CoSIDA ESPN DI-DII All District 1st Team Scholar Athlete in 2009, a member of EX fraternity and studied in Mexico and Chile.

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  • Josh Fales, '06

    Entrepreneur, Founder/President of CreateMyTee

    From a technical perspective, I left with a strong foundation in accounting and finance. Those subjects have been vital to our success. More generally speaking, Albion challenged me to read, write and think analytically on levels I had not previously. I may not remember all of the content from every course but with those skills I’m confident I can solve any problem.

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