Katie Shaheen, ’11, interned at Armani in London.

Internships provide unique, hands-on learning experiences outside the classroom that serve as important supplements to the learning that occurs inside the classroom. They allow students to explore areas that interest them, gain practical experience, and forge relationships that often help them when they hit the job market after graduation.

Junior and senior students in our department have a variety of options available to them. Some choose to complete an internship as part of a semester off-campus in domestic programs like The Philadelphia Center or New York Arts Program, or overseas in places such as Australia, England, Ireland, France, and Germany. Others prefer to complete internships closer to home in Albion or other parts of Michigan.

Given the breadth of Communication Studies as a field, these internships cover a diverse range of topics and industries including public relations, media production, leadership training, sports management, publishing, promotions, and working with troubled teens. Some of the organizations that have hosted these internships include:

  • Kandoo Films
  • Strutt Records
  • Sleeping Bear Press
  • Giorgio Armani Press Office
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • WDVD Radio
  • WXYZ TV Detroit
  • Fox 2 Detroit
  • Starr Commonwealth
  • Humanergy
  • Universal Cheer Associates


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