Individually Designed Major

Interested in researching the common ground between biology and kinesiology? The intersections between physics and psychology? English and music? Well, pick your courses. This major is all yours, and we can help you make it come together.

A student working on a canvas in the art studios.

Why Pursue an Individually Designed Major at Albion?

You’re the kind of person who knows exactly where you want to go. Or perhaps you’re unsure right now. Either way, you know you’re following a different path. Like alumni who forged their own paths in arts administration, Latin American studies, political economy, public health, and 20th-century social philosophy. You can choose field research, internships and study-abroad programs that put your program into action.

What Will You Learn in an Individually Designed Major?

In the end, it’s up to you! Students interested in an Individually Designed Major usually have determined that certain combinations of courses from a variety of Albion departments will best fulfill their career goals. In many instances these students will focus primarily on the offerings of one department, or one faculty member, who is most knowledgeable in the student’s interest.

Program Highlights


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Gain hands-on experience and explore a potential career through an off-campus internship. Your faculty advisor and Albion’s Career and Internship Center are excellent sources for networking with employers as well as a vast alumni community that is eager to share Albion pride by providing opportunities to current students.

Off-Campus Study

Tori Wiese in Peru.

Continue your learning in another state or country while earning course credit. Participate in one of our many off-campus opportunities, such as The Philadelphia Center or a study-abroad experience through Albion’s Center for International Education, that allows you to stay on track with your educational goals while exploring your interests and building your resume.


Students wearing protective goggles in a lab setting holding test tubes.

Pursue independent research through the Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (FURSCA). As a participant in FURSCA, you’ll submit a research proposal and, if accepted, you’ll be matched with a faculty mentor to help you execute your project. 

Honors Thesis

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The critical reasoning and writing skills you’ll hone as you pursue your individually designed major will make you the perfect candidate for the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program. Consider taking on a challenge and exploring a topic you’re passionate about by writing an Honors thesis during your senior year. This rigorous process is excellent preparation for graduate studies.