Individually Designed Interdepartmental Major Requirements

A student desiring to propose an Individually Designed Interdepartmental Major (IDIM) has usually determined that certain combinations of courses from a variety of departments on the Albion Campus will best fulfill his/her career goals. In many instances that student’s career training will primarily focus on the offerings of one department, or one faculty member, who is most knowledgeable in that career area.

  • The student should propose his/her ideas to a faculty member in the appropriate department for discussion and clarification. The faculty member should be willing to serve as the Major Advisor.
  • The student and the major Advisor should work together in selecting other faculty members that might be included on the student’s major committee. The student should then take the initiative in enlisting two of these faculty members to serve, with the major Advisor, on the major committee. At least one member of the major committee shall be from outside the major Advisor’s department. If, for any reason, the membership of the major committee is altered, the student is responsible for securing replacements as well as for notifying the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Registrar of the change.
  • The major committee and the student shall then design in detail the nature of the curriculum to be followed for the IDIM. Before beginning the individualized program of study, the student must secure the unanimous approval of the Major Committee. The student should then submit the form to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval. Include a brief description of the Directed Study for the proposal written to undertake the Directed Study, which should show the role of the Directed Study in supporting the unique aspect of the IDIM and should be signed by the faculty member who will direct the proposed study. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will provide copies of the IDIM to the student, the major Advisor and the Registrar. A copy of the approved program and any subsequent approved changes will be kept on file with the Registrar.

Download the Individually Designed Interdepartmental Major form