Philosophy Major and Minor

What is the nature of knowledge? What distinguishes a morally right action from one that is morally wrong? What is the nature of reality? As a philosophy major, you'll grapple with fundamental questions about ourselves and the nature of the world in which we live.

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Why Study Philosophy at Albion?

We’re committed to both broadening your perspectives and encouraging independent inquiry. As a student of philosophy, you’ll develop the abilities to analyze complex texts and arguments, to communicate your positions with clarity and precision, and to understand and distill complex systems of thought. These skills that will serve you well in any walk of life. At Albion, you’ll benefit from rigorous discourse in our small classes and close mentorship from our faculty.

What Will You Learn as a Philosophy Major or Minor?

You'll examine influential philosophical theories and interrogate the ideas of prominent historical philosophers.

You'll develop critical reasoning skills and learn to debate and defend your position with compelling arguments.

You'll apply your critical thinking skills to some of the biggest social justice issues of our time, like racism, sexism, violence and war.


Honors Thesis

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The critical reasoning and writing skills you’ll hone as a philosophy major will make you the perfect candidate for the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program. Consider taking on a challenge and exploring a topic you’re passionate about by writing an Honors thesis during your senior year. The rigorous process is excellent preparation for graduate studies, and you’ll earn departmental honors as well.


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Gain hands-on experience and explore potential careers through an off-campus internship. Our faculty and career advisors can help you secure internships that prepare you for life after Albion. And you’ll earn college credit for your experience–building your resume and advancing your education at the same time.


Albion College students investigate freshwater habitats in Michigan.

Pursue independent research through the Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (FURSCA). As a participant in FURSCA, you’ll submit a research proposal and, if accepted, you’ll be matched with a faculty mentor to help you execute your project.

Scholarships and Awards

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At Albion, we celebrate excellence. Each year, our department recognizes students who excel in philosophy with a range of prestigious scholarships and awards for current students.

I love developing a classroom community of inquiry in which we adopt an openness to consider possibilities previously unseen and reassess our own beliefs and assumptions in light of competing conceptions of knowledge, the mind, and the good life.

Daniel Mittag
Associate Professor and Department Chair

Careers & Outcomes

As a student of philosophy, the logic, critical reasoning and conceptual skills you develop will prepare you for advanced study and work in a broad range of fields, from law, public policy and business to medicine, teaching and activism. Below are examples of some of the professions our students choose, as well as graduate programs our students have recently attended.


Job Titles

  • Research Analyst
  • Grant Writer
  • Lawyer
  • Physician
  • Policy Maker
  • College Professor
  • Attorney
  • Research Assistant

Graduate Programs

  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • University of Michigan-Dearborn
  • Syracuse University
  • Wayne State University
  • Boston University
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Notre Dame