Environmental Studies Major and Minor

Study the relationship between our society and the natural world and examine the complex ethical, cultural, environmental and political challenges this raises. Develop the analytical, rhetorical and creative skills necessary to address the environmental challenges we face today and create sustainable strategies for the future.

Group of students and faculty outside in front of a blue body of water.

Why Study Environmental Studies at Albion?

As an environmental studies major at Albion, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the complex relationships among natural and social systems. You’ll learn from faculty experts in geology, biology, anthropology, philosophy and economics, among others, and design a path of study that matches your particular areas of interest. Then, you’ll translate everything you’ve learned into action through an environmental research project, community engagement project or internship.

What will you learn as an Environmental Studies Major?

Starting from a foundation in anthropology, biology, ecology and geology, you’ll study the human and natural world and the ways that cultures, language and ideas intersect with the history, ecosystems and habitats of the natural world.

You’ll learn how proactive policy and advocacy work can address the pressing issues we face today, like climate change and natural resource scarcity.

You’ll engage in critical thinking and discussion as you sharpen your problem-solving and data analysis skills.



Albion College student observing a plant specimen

Join a team of field biologists monitoring the population of endangered species or learn about the development of environmental policy as an intern for a political representative. As an environmental studies major, you can gain concrete experience and pursue your professional goals as part of a for-credit internship. Internships are tailored to your interests, making it a personalized experience that enriches your educational journey.

Off-Campus Programs

Jessica Butchley with friends in Berlin, Germany

Spend a semester in an urban environment like Philadelphia or Washington, D.C., complete course work aboard a sailing research vessel travel or get a new perspective on American environmental policies by studying in another country. At Albion, you’ll have the opportunity to take your education further in an experiential learning opportunity either in the U.S. or abroad.

Student Farm

Albion College student working on the student farm.

Participate in Albion’s student-led community garden that grows sustainable produce to benefit not only students, faculty, staff, but the local community. Albion’s student farm, which includes a 1,440-square-foot growhouse, produces a variety of herbs and vegetables. These are used on campus by dining services, reducing our carbon footprint, and are distributed to local charities to improve access to healthy produce in our community.

Careers & Outcomes


Job Titles

  • Science Journalist
  • Environmental Policy Advocate
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Environmental Policy Advisor