Environmental Biology Minor

Understand the world’s ecosystems on a large scale by studying them through some of the smallest details in their life forms. Examine the relationship between environmental and ecological factors in a minor that will enhance your study in any science major.

Two Albion College students working together in a lab

Why Study Environmental Biology at Albion?

You’ll be introduced to a whole new way to analyze, interpret, and discover the world around us, learning from faculty experts who are passionate about their fields of study. As an environmental biology minor, you’ll be given a well-rounded overview of different ecosystems and environments and the organisms that live within them. You’ll also develop core observation, analytical and research skills that deepen your understanding of–and appreciation for–your major.

What Will You Learn as an Environmental Biology Minor?

You’ll develop an understanding of the key concepts of biology, particularly on a molecular, cellular, and ecological level.

You’ll learn different research methods to explore biological events and findings, specifically in the molecular biology and bioinformatics fields.

You’ll learn to analyze your findings to communicate them effectively to a general audience.

You'll study the latest research and primary literature in the field of environmental biology, which will deepen your understanding of the field and contextualize your major field of study.

Ola Olapade

I decide I want to do something and I know there’s support here at Albion College. That doesn’t happen at every school. That drives me as well. I love what I’m doing and this is a good place for me.

Ola Olapade
Professor of Biology