Computer Science Major and Minor

Nearly every organization relies on computer science experts to understand and achieve its mission. You can use computational and technological skills to build a better world, identifying problems and creating solutions in every industry. As a computer science major or minor, you’ll learn how to use computers to build websites, analyze and interpret data, design programs and much more.

David Reimann (right), professor of mathematics and computer science, with two Albion College students.

Why Study Computer Science at Albion?

Computer science is one of the most in-demand majors and we designed our curriculum to prepare you for the greatest current—and future—demands of the profession. 

Built upon a strong liberal arts foundation, you’ll approach the discipline of computer science by asking big questions: 

  • How do machines perform computations?
  • How does the Internet work?
  • Can computers think?
  • How can society balance freedom of the Internet with privacy and security of users?
  • What are the ultimate limits of computers?

Our program prepares you to excel in a computer science-based career, but you won’t just be learning technologies and checking off boxes. You’ll be trained to think about how technology can improve lives.

What Will You Learn as a Computer Science Major?

You’ll learn the fundamentals of computation and algorithmic problem-solving, data types, control structures, the object-oriented programming paradigm and applications. You’ll explore advanced areas of computer science like computer organization, artificial intelligence and user interfaces.

You’ll become skilled in C and C++ and at least one high-level programming language, like Java or Python. You’ll have the opportunity to use machines and take courses in other languages such as Ada, Basic, Fortran, Pascal, Perl, Prolog, Scheme and Smalltalk.

You’ll attend colloquia, where you’ll learn from and have discussions with faculty, visiting presenters and fellow students on a variety of key topics in computer science. You’ll also present your own work on a topic of your choosing.



Two students working together on a laptop computer

Use the computing and mathematics laboratories available in our state-of-the-art Science Complex as you practice new skills and learn new programs you’ll use every day in your future career.

Study Away Opportunities

Students outside conversing on campus.

Spend a semester off campus gaining real-world experience. You can pursue internships or research positions at academic institutions all over the world, numerous federal government agencies and scientific laboratories.

Scholarships and Awards

Two students working together on a laptop

We offer dedicated awards and scholarships specifically for outstanding computer science majors. You’ll have the opportunity to compete in national computing competitions as well.


Two students conversing in a classroom setting.

Share your ideas for research projects and get paired with a faculty mentor. Our Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (FURSCA) supports student-led research and projects.