Learning Through Experience

A student sits on the beach wrapped in a blanket. She is smiling at the camera.

Gerstacker students have numerous opportunities to travel throughout their program. Like the rest of the general student body, many of our students choose to study abroad and travel anywhere from London to Sydney, or from San Diego to New York. Students travel not only for study or an internship, but also for extracurricular projects or just for fun.

As a Gerstacker student you’ll also participate in a number of planned field trips throughout your college career. Recent trips include a Detroit Tigers game, a weekend trip to Chicago, and visits to a variety of employers. Some students were even sent to Paris, France to participate in an international business conference. These events enable students to learn through new experiences and allow them to get to know their fellow students better.

Students looking to incorporate travel in their Gerstacker program are encouraged to work with Gerstacker Business Institute staff as well as the Center for International Education and Off-Campus Programs to find the best opportunities available.