In 2014, 100% of our Gerstacker Business Institute graduates had secured jobs or graduate school placement in the first nine months after graduation, 97% had placement within six months of graduation and 85% had placement within the first three months of graduation. Our students found opportunities with BusinessWeek’s “Best Places to Launch a Career” — Ernst & Young, Northwestern Mutual, and Teach for America.

Statistics for our 2015 graduates are not yet complete, but 65% had jobs, or were accepted into graduate school programs at the time of graduation. 70% had job offers at graduation, many which came directly from the internships which our students are required to hold.

Since the Fall of 2011, 123 organizations have hosted our students as interns. Most students graduate with two semesters of full-time professional experience through the internships. Students with one internship often study abroad for a semester.

Gerstacker students must maintain an overall GPA and a Gerstacker GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Our students graduate in four years.