A student in a red shirt sits at a table with books stacked in front of her.I have been with MGM since opening day and have encountered many interns. Craig has exceeded them all, to date. He is a natural professional both with his knowledge and his outgoing personality.”

Mari Coleman
Room Inventory Specialist
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada

Although the majority of internships are paid, the most important benefits from an internship are the experience of going through the search process, working in a business setting, growing professionally, and gaining career insight.

Internship Credit

Upon successful completion, students earn one unit of academic credit for each of their internships. They have three options for their two required internships.

  1. Two full-time, semester-long internships or
  2. One internship as above and one full-time semester of study at a foreign university or
  3. One internship as above and one off-campus semester that combines study with an internship.

The Center for International Education provides information about Off-Campus Programs offered through Albion College.

Students in the Gerstacker Business Institute minor program complete one internship, either option 1 or 3 above.

The institutes are an extra support system, and they provide additional opportunities to learn. Your success is constantly in our minds; we want you to be successful... Let’s get you internship experiences that are meaningful so that you are even more competitive when you graduate from Albion.

Laurel Draudt

Laurel Draudt

Gerstacker Institute Director