A row of students sitting at a table with a professor at the end.

Mike Juchno from EY discusses careers with summer school students.

Since 1973, Albion’s business program has based on the professional and personal paradigm that led the life and career of former Dow Chemical Chairman of the Board, Carl A. Gerstacker. He believed that high ethical standards and a commitment to people were the key components in developing and sustaining a successful business. In keeping with his example, the Institute follows these precepts.


The Gerstacker Business Institute will be a premiere liberal arts business program that provides well-rounded graduates that are highly attractive to national and international employers.  This will be achieved by understanding what employers need from young talent and helping students to gain these skills through an integration of theory and practice related to domestic and international internships and programming.


The Gerstacker Business Institute will deliver leadership-ready business graduates who will participate in and positively impact the changing global economy and society.

“The mission of this program was ‘to turn out graduates who can not only do something exceptionally well but also know what is most worth doing.'” ~Carl A. Gerstacker


To provide outstanding support services that exceed the expectations of our students, alumni and business professionals.


  • We uphold a high standard of ethics.
  • We put people first.
  • We promote an atmosphere of camaraderie.
  • We honor our long tradition of excellence.
  • We encourage diversity within our team and realize that a difference of ideas makes us better people.


  • The Liberal Arts Curriculum – The core that makes our graduates strong.
  • Recruiting great people – The most important factor in our long-term success.
  • Developing our current students – Is our focus and the most important part of what we do.
  • Promote an atmosphere of camaraderie – We work to foster a sense of community and a feeling of family.
  • Exposure to businesses – Is the key element in developing the professional skills of our students.
  • Our alumni are our most important resource – We want them to be a part of us, be proud of us, and be supported by us.

Guiding Principles

  • We will be selective in the types of students recruited by the Gerstacker Business Institute using class rank, G.P.A., test scores, and personal attitude as primary entrance standards.
  • Our focus is to develop students in business disciplines and the welfare of our students is our top priority.
  • We will embrace a process of continuous improvement.
  • Our alumni will always be our most important resource.
  • We will always keep the goals of the Gerstacker Business Institute in perspective with the vision and policies of Albion College.