A man sitting on the floor surrounded by a group of children. Propped next to him is a white board.The Whitehouse Nature Center depends on generous help from volunteers who contribute time, materials, or money to the many phases of the Center’s operation: leading tours, trail maintenance, habitat development, through the donation of plant materials, and educational publications.

The Center is always happy to receive inquiries form persons and groups interested in volunteer service.


  • Outdoor/environmental education: teaching/assisting classes; internships
  • Align programs with the state of Michigan’s Educational Standards and Expectations
  • Special event planning and conducting


  • Composting: vermicomposting
  • Wildlife management: species inventory; nesting/roosting box program; habitat improvement
  • Water management: rain-barrel workshop; rain garden
  • Land management: invasive species removal; prairie management; tree planting and care; trails
  • Beekeeping: Honey and Hives (future program)
  • Raptor Care: (future program)

Educational Workshops

  • Naturalist training for summer programming
  • Project Wild, Aquatic Wild, Project Learning Tree