The Whitehouse Nature Center is currently caring for hives being kept on the property. They are standard top-bar hives that house Italian honeybees. The student-led Albion College Farm Club, along with Nature Center Director Jason Raddatz, cares for the hives throughout the year.

It is our hope to soon add more “natural” hive structures that are most sustainable and bee-friendly, using swarms obtained via extermination calls.

Annual Albion Bee School

Someone wearing a beekeeping suit opening a hive.Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

12pm – 5pm

Two sets of classes:

  • Beginner classes for those just starting
  • Intermediate classes for those who have already established a hive

Classes will cover the natural history of the honeybee, how to set up and care for a hive, handling/ordering bees, bee pests/parasites, splits and more. Presenter topics will include colony collapse disorder, and personal first year experiences with starting a hive. Meet local bee vendors for supplies and support. All classes are taught by experienced beekeepers.

Registration is $40.00 per participant, and can be completed online or the day of the event. On-site registration will begin at 11:30am. After the event, attendees are invited to the Albion Malleable Brewing Company for honey-based appetizers, as well as a free 7pm showing of The Pollinator at the Bohm.

To register or for more information contact Jason Raddatz, Whitehouse Nature Center director, at or call 517/629-0582.

Online Registration:

Program Opportunities and Resources

A beehive.Dahlem Nature Center
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