A man and a group of children in a field. One of the children is holding a butterfly net.

The 140+ acre Whitehouse Nature Center plays an important role in classroom instruction at Albion College and offers its facilities and services as an environmental education area to public schools and the community.

The outdoor classroom features:

  • Six miles of trails
  • 400 plant species have been collected and an herbarium in the Visitor Center
  • Close to 170 bird species have been cited in the area
  • 25 acres of oak-hickory and flood-plain forests; extensive marsh and swamp lands bordering the East Branch of the Kalamazoo River
  • An 8 acre habitat improvement area including 4 small ponds
  • A 3 acre managed tall-grass prairie
  • An arboretum of Michigan trees and shrubs
  • 34 acres of farmland for experimental plantings and research projects

The Nature Center’s visitor’s center is equipped with a classroom, wildlife observation room, outdoor porch overlooking the Kalamazoo River and restrooms. Live exhibits of local reptiles and amphibians are displayed. Trail maps, brochures and other exhibits can be found in the building.

Albion College’s Student Farm is also located at the eastern end of the Whitehouse Nature Center.