Large Format Color Laser

The HP Laserjet Pro 500 and the HP 5225 color printers are capable of printing glossy magazine-quality prints and offer duplex printing. These printers can print from an 8.5×11 to an 11×17.

You can send your college-related project to be printed to [email protected] and a staff member will print it for you. Please also include in your email what size print you want, quantity (100 is the maximum) and the account number to be charged.

The following costs reflect the actual cost of printing (printer usage, paper and ink).

All prices quoted are for a sheet of paper (single or double-sided are the same price)

8.5×11 (regular size)

  • regular paper – $.30/page
  • soft gloss or cardstock – $.50/page
  • black/white – $.15/page

8.5×14 (legal size)

  • regular paper – $.50/page

11×17 (tabloid size)

  • regular paper – $1.00/page
  • glossy/brochure paper – $1.50/page
  • black/white – $.50/page