Network Drives

Albion College provides network drive space to all faculty, staff, and students. Network drive space falls into two categories: Enterprise class storage and Commodity class storage.

Enterprise class storage:

Files saved on the following network drives are backed up nightly. This storage is for college business and academic work only, not personal files.

  • G: Drive – This space is for files that need to be shared within a department. Only people within a department have access to that department’s G: drive.
  • H: Drive – This is storage space for individual users to store work and academic files. Each user has their own H: drive, and other users do not have access to this storage.
  • I: Drive – This is a storage space where installable applications are stored for work and academic purposes. Users typically can not save any files to the I: drive.
  • W: Drive – Inside the W: drive are two folders, Depts, and Workgrp.
  • The Depts folder is space similar to the G: drive, except that these files are available to be read by the entire campus. This allows departments to share forms and other information with everyone
  • The Workgrp folder is also similar to the G: drive, except these groups may contain users from various departments working on specific projects. Files in the Workgrp folder are only available to users who are made members of the specific workgroups.

Commodity class storage:

Files saved on the following network drives are not backed up. This storage is intended for quickly sharing files with others, or making a secondary copy of static data that could be easily replaced.

  • P: Drive – This is public storage for temporary sharing and swapping. All users can view, write and delete files stored here. Never save any sensitive information to this space.
  • S: Drive – This is for the temporary storage of files that can be easily replaced, or very large files that need to be shared, but not backed up. This space is assigned to users on an as-needed basis.