Cricut, Stickers & Other Tools

In addition to 3D printing, Virtual Reality, and Poster & Photo printing, the Albion College Innovation Lab offers a variety of tools for student, faculty, and staff usage.

Cricut Toggle Accordion

The Cricut is a digital cutting machine that can cut many different shapes and designs for craft projects. Users can cut materials like vinyl, sticker paper, styrofoam, cardboard, felt, and fabric.

Common Uses: making stickers, vinyl decals for computers, decals for a classroom timeline or poster project, and creating cardboard replicas of buildings on campus.

*If planning to print stickers, please see the Sticker section of this page for more information. 


$1/page if using Innovation Lab materials

Free if users bring their own materials.


Cricut Design Space

Getting Started:

Use the Cricut Design Space program to design an image and then come into the lab to work with an Innovation Lab employee. Users can also send their designs and images to for more information on how their item can be printed using the Cricut.

Stickers Toggle Accordion

The Innovation Lab offers a sticker printing service on white vinyl sticker paper. There are 2 options for orders:

  • Print Only – To order stickers send a JPG, JPEG or PNG image to Include the number of stickers and the size requested. We will print stickers on 8.5×11 sticker pages and fit as many stickers as we can on a page. The requestor will then need to cut out their own stickers by hand.
  • Print and Cut with the Cricut – Come into the Innovation Lab and use our Cricut machine to design, print and cut your stickers. A guide is available to assist you. You can also request a time to meet with an Innovation Lab staff member to assist you with using the Cricut machine. Email to set up an appointment.

*All requests must be submitted at least 1 full business day in advance of when it is needed. 

Robotics & Programming Tools Toggle Accordion

The Innovation Lab has a variety of robotics and programming tools available for students, faculty and staff to explore. This includes Sphero Droids, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and many more.

To get started, visit the Innovation Lab, find the desired tools, and start exploring!

Laminator Toggle Accordion

The Innovation Lab features a small laminator that laminates items up to 11×17 in size. Anyone can come to the lab and laminate their items. If a user would like the Innovation Lab team to complete a lamination project, they must send the request to

*All requests must be submitted at least 1 full business day in advance of when it is needed.