Albion College Instructional Technology offers affordable 3D printing services for students, faculty, and staff. These printers can be used for classroom projects, tools, integrations, research, or just for fun.

Location and Hours:

Our 3D printers are found in the Seeley Mudd Learning Center Innovation Lab.

          Monday – Thursday: 8am-9pm

          Friday: 8am-5pm

          Saturday: 1-5pm

          Sunday: 1-9pm

Stop by and see if the lab has an Innovator available for training or to assist with a project.


Those who would like to learn 3D printing are required to attend a one-on-one training and conduct one supervised print. Once these steps are completed, users can sign out a printer for use. Email [email protected] to get started.

3D Printer User Agreement

Printers and Materials:

Filament type and color options for each machine vary depending on current projects and needs. Black, White, Purple and Yellow will always be available.

Available printers include 5 Ultimakers, 3 Creality 10S Pros, and 1 Form 2 Resin printer.


$0.15 cents per gram (plastic)

$0.20 cents per mL (resin)




Cura (for Ultimaker 3/Creality 10s Pro)

PreForm (for Form 2)

Get Started:

Users may email [email protected] to request a 3D print price quote. Any user interested in learning how to use the 3D printer for printing their own projects, can email [email protected] or drop by the Innovation Lab during open hours.

Earn a 3D Print Badge:

Albion College students can earn a 3D Print and Design badge to show off their skills in relation to 3D printing. This is an optional course that allows students on campus to learn more about the field and applications of 3D printing.