About the Position

Community Living at Albion College, consistent with the academic mission of the College, is committed to providing safe, secure, and comfortable residential communities that support students’ academic performance and personal growth.

The Community Assistant is a member of the Community Living staff within the Division of Student Affairs. The office is committed to the personal, social, and academic development of the residents. Community Assistants are key links in fostering this development. The quality of an CA’s efforts has a significant, direct bearing upon the quality of life experienced by all members of the College community.

Requirements to Apply Toggle Accordion

  • Must submit a complete application
  • Complete an Interview
  • Have a 2.5 Cumulative GPA and be in Good Social Standing
  • You must have lived on a college campus for at least 1 academic semester, even if it was at another institution.

Benefits Toggle Accordion

Renumeration for the Community Assistant Position for the 2023-2024 Academic year is as follows:

  • Double Single Room (no roommate) charged at the lowest Double Room Rate ($3,040 per semester) regardless of building placement.
  • First year CAs receive a $3,225.00 stipend each semester that is payed evenly over bi-weekly pay dates.
  • Second year and above CAs receive a stipend of $3,325.00 each semester.

The Office of Community Living reserves the right to change the benefits of this position.

Time Commitment Toggle Accordion

The Community Assistant position is designed to be a 20 hours per week position that encompasses a variety of responsibilities. This is a student leadership opportunity that is often self-directed and may have unpredictable hours.

CAs are expected to maintain a presence in the hall on a regular basis and discuss with their supervisor whenever they are scheduled to be away from campus.

Academic Responsibilities Toggle Accordion

Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher to apply and must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher throughout employment.

Staff Training and Communication Toggle Accordion

Provide supervisor with accurate and timely information concerning the environment of the hall via weekly personal and staff meetings with supervisor.

Attend and participate in all training listed but not limited to; Fall Training (Expected Return: August 13, 2022), Spring Training (usually in January before move-in), and In-Services.

Develop and promote a positive working relationship with all Community Living staff, Facilities and Custodial workers, and Professional staff.

Community Building, Peer Relationships and Assistance Toggle Accordion

  • Work with students in developing floor/building communities conducive to high academic achievement.
  • Educate students to self-enforce policies and respect the rights of others through community standards.
  • Help develop respect for a community living environment.
  • Develop the capacity to listen and understand, and to be flexible and open-minded in responding to student needs and concerns.
  • Develop trust and maintain confidentiality.
  • Encourage and assist individuals in finding their own solutions.
  • Must be knowledgeable of support services on campus and how to refer students (e.g., Counseling Services, Student Health Services, Cutler Center, Registrar’s Office, Human Resources, etc)

Hall Programming Toggle Accordion

  • Establish a strong, positive learning environment within the residence halls and the Albion College community.
  • Maintain an active and integral role in the development and production of a limited quantity of high-quality programs for the personal development and growth of students.
  • Strive to develop a sense of community among residents on your floor, within the building, and within the campus community as a whole.
  • Encourage self-discipline, self-governance, and respect for individual rights among residents.
  • Be visible and available on the floor and within the building to talk with residents about concerns, interests, and needs.
  • Develop an open, personal relationship with each resident.
  • Initiate, plan, and organize programs of an academic, cultural, social, and recreational nature that responds to the needs and interests of your residents.
  • Attend and actively participate in floor/hall programs, functions, and social events.

Administrative Duties Toggle Accordion

  • Be on call for the community on an assigned, rotating basis and in emergency situations, including participating in evening accessibility hours when on call.
  • Assist in the opening and closing of the hall each semester and at every break period, as coordinated by the Office of Community Living. This will require early arrival for fall and spring semesters as well as early return from break periods (Thanksgiving and Spring Break). CAs also have an extended stay at the end of semesters and break periods as needed to close the buildings. These time commitments will be shared at the start of Fall Training.
  • Fulfill administrative requirements promptly and efficiently (i.e. Incident Reports, Documentations, Health & Safety Checks, Meeting Minutes, etc.).
  • Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings, staff training sessions, and staff in-services.
  • Read and utilize the CA Manual.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Facilities Management Toggle Accordion

  • Communicate with immediate supervisor and the Facilities staff on building needs and issues.
  • Aid residents in addressing facility concerns in their living environment.
  • Maintain positive working relationship with Facilities staff members.
  • Report all safety hazards and maintenance concerns in a timely manner.

Residence Hall Regulations Toggle Accordion

  • Provide continuous interaction and be an example that encourages students to act with reason, to assume responsibility for their actions, and to be consistently considerate of the rights and freedoms of others.
  • Know and adhere to the rules and regulations pertaining to student behavior and communicate them to residents.
  • Develop consistent methods of enforcing rules and regulations, and assist students in developing methods of self-enforcement.
  • Support other staff members in the enforcement of hall policies.

Safety & Security Toggle Accordion

  • Be familiar with the building fire alarm system and familiarize residents with building evacuation and other emergency procedures.
  • Regularly report repair requests that affect the safety and security of residents (i.e., emergency lights, smoke alarms, damage to door lock mechanisms).
  • Educate students on fire, health, safety, and security guidelines.
  • Assist in communicating and coordinating resident response in emergency situations or situations requiring specific action, as requested.
  • Maintain positive working relationship with Campus Safety staff members.