F-1 International Students

Albion College is proud of Albion's full-time degree seeking international students, who contribute to the richness of Albion's global diversity.

Albion is pleased to welcome qualified students from all backgrounds, regardless of citizenship and immigration status, into our living and learning community. We commit to providing exceptional support to our students, helping them immerse in the new environment, take advantage of Albion’s resources and grow to their fullest potential.

F-1 Status Rules

Learn the rules of F-1 status, so you can remain legal in the US.

Health Care

Albion College provides Health Care Support for F-1 students.

F-1 Resources

F-1 resources has information about FURSCA, research, and other opportunities.


Travel within the U.S., outside the U.S., and as a U.S. Drivers License holder.

Transfer Out

Learn the F-1 rules around graduation, transfer out, and going home.