Driver Approval and Vehicle Usage

The policies and procedures below apply to the use of College owned vehicles as well as vehicles rented with College funds for use by students, faculty, or staff for College business or activities.

I. College Vehicle Driver Approval Procedure

  1. The Office of Campus Safety will request a copy of your driving record from the state that issued your driver’s license. You will be notified by email as to whether you have been approved to drive college vehicles after your record has been received and reviewed. Please note that obtaining driving records can take up to 30 days. Be advised that you are not be eligible for approval if your driving record shows any of the following:
    1. More than four points currently assessed to your license.
    2. An arrest or citation for an alcohol or illegal drug related driving offense within the past ten years.
    3. A conviction for any driving offense that involved a vehicle related death.
  2. Campus Services will be notified once you have been authorized to operate college vehicles. In exceptional circumstances, drivers may be approved provisionally pending the completion of this process. You should contact the Director for Campus Safety directly if you need provisional authorization to operate a college vehicle.
  3. Student, faculty, or staff approval to operate College vehicles will be rescinded in the following circumstances:
    1. A driver abuses or misuses a vehicle, or fails to comply with College policy related to driving College vehicles.
    2. A driver’s driving record becomes deficient during the course of operating a college vehicle.
    3. A driver is arrested for driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or an illegal controlled substance.

II. Additional 15 Passenger Van Approval Requirements

  • To be authorized to operate 15 passenger vans, some additional training is required as described below.
    1. You will receive an email (normally within a week of when you submitted the form) from Albion College, with the subject line ‘SafeColleges Online Training’. The message contains the URL you need to log on to take your test. Please note that, if you have a junk mail folder set up in your e-mail account, this message may be delivered directly to that folder. You must complete the online training programs within 14 days of receiving the email.
    2. Upon your successful completion of the online training contact the Campus Safety office to schedule your driver training session.You must complete the online training before scheduling a van driver training session. Call Campus Safety (x0213), during normal business hours, to schedule a driving test.  A road test takes 20-30 minutes and is typically completed Tuesday-Thursday 10am-3pm.  at the time of your test, you will meet at Campus Safety

III. General Driver Responsibilities

  1. Approved drivers are responsible for driving the College vehicle in a safe and professional manner.
  2. Approved drivers must know and abide by all driving laws in all areas where they operate a College vehicle.
  3. Approved drivers must maintain a current, valid United States driver’s license. If for any reason, an approved driver’s license is revoked, suspended, or restricted, the Director of Campus Safety must be notified immediately.
  4. Approved drivers who receive parking citations or moving violations while they are assigned a College vehicle must notify the Director of Campus Safety as soon as possible.  Approved drivers are responsible for any fines or costs associated with these citations or moving violations. Under no circumstances are traffic and parking fines to be charged to the College.

IV. Safety Guidelines

  1. It is mandatory that seat belts be used by all occupants of a College vehicle at all times without exception.
    1. Drivers are responsible for ensuring that all occupants fasten their seat belts prior to operating the vehicle.
    2. Malfunctioning seat belts should be immediately reported to Campus Services so they can be repaired.
    3. Drivers who do not adhere to this provision may have their driver approval revoked.
  2. The College expects all approved drivers to drive defensively during business travel and to obey all traffic laws.
  3. Drivers are prohibited from operating College vehicles while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, including prescription drugs that may inhibit their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
  4. College vehicles should not be used to transport flammable items, firearms, or other hazardous materials unless required by job function or description.
  5. Texting while driving is prohibited at all times in College vehicles.
  6. Transporting hitchhikers or strangers in College vehicles is prohibited.

V. Additional Guidelines

  1. College vehicles may only be used for College business and activities. The use of College vehicles for personal business is prohibited.
  2. Approved drivers may not accept any form of compensation for transporting passengers or equipment in College vehicles.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in all College vehicles.

It is recommended that you print this page so you have it for future reference.

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