Transportation Services

BritBus Announcement

BritBus is currently not running due to a lack of student staff.  If you are interested in driving for BritBus, please apply online.

General Information and Guidelines

  • From 8:00 A.M. – 8:30 P.M., regardless of weather conditions, students are expected to walk to and from places on or near campus, including the Dow Center, Burns Street apartments, Munger Apartments, Harrington School, Washington Gardner building, and the downtown area. Exceptions may be made for students with medical conditions as approved by the Accessibility Services staff member.
  • Campus Safety transportation services are intended for students without vehicles on campus who live in College housing. Students who have vehicles on campus and students who live off-campus are expected to use their vehicles for their own transportation needs off-campus. Students who live off-campus are also expected to make their own transportation arrangements.
  • Campus Safety offers transportation for students to businesses within the City of Albion (excluding the downtown area) everyday of the week from 12 P.M. – 6 P.M. To receive this transportation, students should call Campus Safety or stop by the Campus Safety office during those times.  The shuttle for this service leaves campus at the top of each hour, with the final return taking place promptly at 6:00 PM.
  • Campus Safety officers have many responsibilities, the most important of which is to provide initial response to emergencies that occur on campus. Transportation for students may be delayed or cancelled in the event of one of those situations.
  • Non-emergency requests for service, such as transports and admittances, are normally provided in the order they are received.

Transportation to and from the Ludington Center and Downtown Albion

In order to foster a culture of walking among our campus community, Campus Safety will not be providing transportation to or from the Ludington Center or any location in downtown Albion during daylight hours. This also includes the Shell and Citgo gas stations, Biggby Coffee, and the public library. Campus Safety will continue to provide safety escorts to Ludington, after dark, during the hours that the Ludington Center is open for students or for students who have prior authorization.

Transportation for Employment

Campus Safety will provide transportation off-campus in the City of Albion for employment.

NOTE: Campus Safety does not provide transportation for work during the daylight hours for downtown businesses, as these are within walking distance. Campus Safety does not provide transportation outside of the City of Albion for employment under any circumstances.

Transportation for Medical Appointments

Students who have medical appointments in Albion, (except in the downtown area) , Marshall, Jackson, or Battle Creek, can request transportation to and from those appointments. Students must email [email protected] at least 1 week in advance to make arrangements for this transportation. Exceptions to the 1 week notification should be rare, but we understand the necessity for medical treatment.  Students unable to fulfill the 1 week notification should call Campus Safety at (517) 629-1234 and ask to speak to the Director.

Students who need to be seen at the Oaklawn Express Care in the Munger Apartment building are expected to walk to and from this location unless they are ill or injured, in which case they may call Campus Safety at (517) 629-1234 to request transportation assistance to the clinic as needed.

Transportation for Students with Disabilities

Campus Safety will provide transportation to and from class and Baldwin for students with a temporary or permanent accessibility accommodation. Students who wish this type of transportation should first complete the College Accommodation process. Students may email Campus Safety ([email protected]) to make arrangements for this transportation after their accommodation request has been approved.

Safety Escorts

Campus Safety will continue to provide safety escorts for students from 8:30 P.M.-8:00 A.M. each day to and from on-campus locations and the Ludington Center. Students who would like a safety escort may request one by calling (517) 629-1234. Campus Safety officers will also be providing more walking escorts for students in an effort to foster a walking culture among our campus community.

Transportation to and from Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)

Transportation to and from the Albion Train Station