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Here at Albion, we have a strong drive for excellence, which is guided by our strategic initiatives. You can direct your gift to support specific areas of growth, knowing that you’re enhancing Albion’s prestige and distinction. You can focus on educational opportunities for top students. Provide critical support for our faculty. Or maintain and improve our campus and community facilities.

If you’re interested in helping Albion College thrive, find out more about each of our initiatives.

Group of Albion College students walking through downtown Albion.

Promoting Academic Excellence Award

The Albion College academic experience is driven not only by the faculty, but by one’s peers. These peers can have a great influence on the creation of an academic environment that encourages and celebrates excellence in the classroom.


A gift to support scholarship strengthens Albion’s competitive position when trying to recruit top students. Your gift bolsters the College’s accessibility in a remarkable way. Perhaps most important, it puts the dream of an Albion College education within reach for even more deserving students.

Jess Garcia-Lopez, Albion College FURSCA research, summer 2021


The Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (FURSCA) was established to promote and support student research, original scholarship, and creative efforts in all disciplines.