Here's what we're working on. With your help.

Here at Albion, we have a strong drive for excellence, which is guided by our strategic initiatives. You can direct your gift to support specific areas of growth, knowing that you’re enhancing Albion’s prestige and distinction. You can focus on educational opportunities for top students. Provide critical support for our faculty. Or maintain and improve our campus and community facilities.

If you’re interested in helping Albion College thrive, find out more about each of our initiatives.

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Albion College Fund

Through academic programs, campus enhancements, faculty support, and scholarships, your contribution to the Albion College Fund has a direct and meaningful impact on the well-being and success of both our current and future students.

Albion College Class of 2022 celebrates at Commencement.

Student Support

With an Albion College education, promising students build a solid foundation for fulfilling adult lives. Scholarships and student support funds help us to ensure that all Britons have the resources they need to graduate with an Albion degree.

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Experiential Learning

A hallmark of our liberal arts education, hands-on learning fosters application of theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. Students sharpen critical thinking skills, distinguishing them as leaders in their professions and communities.

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Student-Centered Spaces

Attracting and inspiring the next generation of faculty, staff, and students depends on our ability to provide an environment that fosters connection, creativity and academic discovery.