Critically examine our basic assumptions about ourselves and the world in which we live.

Explore controversial questions about what is real, knowable, and ethical. Refine your argumentative skills. Lead yourself—and those around you—to a better understanding of our world. 

Traditionally, the study of philosophy is at the heart of a liberal arts education. The practice of thinking through problems and questions of humanity has its roots in classical Greek philosophy. In seeking to understand fundamental concepts that matter—concepts like justice, moral rightness, knowledge, testimonial justification, free will, scientific explanation, and the self—philosophy illuminates important dimensions of our lives. 

By studying philosophy, you will learn to think and write more clearly, more carefully, and more precisely. You’ll graduate equipped with the tools to critically evaluate arguments and to comprehend complex systems of thought. These foundational skills are valuable for every profession. Our students find their philosophy background particularly useful in the fields of law, public policy, business, medicine, and teaching.

Philosophy Courses

In our courses, you’ll examine influential philosophical theories and interrogate the ideas of prominent historical philosophers. Explore courses offered by our department and courses accepted for transfer credit.

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Student Opportunities

As a student of philosophy, you’ll have many opportunities to get involved, gain experience, and pursue your interests beyond the classroom.

Debate ideas with your peers in Philosophy Club. Pursue your own research. Travel to present your work at an undergraduate philosophy conference. Publish in an undergraduate philosophy journal. Apply to a summer seminar in philosophy, or study philosophy abroad.  

Whether you’re looking to stay on campus or study across the globe, there’s something for everyone.

Student Opportunities

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