Value Theory Minor

As humans, many of our choices and actions have ethical ramifications. As a value theory minor, you’ll examine how ethical systems intersect with many aspects of our lives, from public policy, law, business, and the environment to medicine, neuroscience, and data science. The goal is to question and refine your own values.

Student listening in a classroom setting.

Why Study Value Theory at Albion?

As a value theory minor, you’ll examine classical and contemporary ethical theories and apply these to today’s pressing questions. Is healthcare a right or a privilege? How should we reconcile the concerns of present and future generations when combating climate change? The study of ethics provides a strong analytic and critical foundation for careers in fields such as public policy, business, law, and medicine. More broadly, you’ll examine your place in the world and learn to articulate your own ethical stances.

What Will You Learn as a Value Theory Minor?

You’ll analyze the ethical implications of contemporary moral problems like gender and racial discrimination, healthcare and justice, climate change, and global poverty.

You'll develop critical reasoning skills and learn to debate and defend your position with compelling arguments.

You’ll create a course of study based on what interests you most, examining the ethical foundations of various fields and professions.

Dr. Bindu Madhok

Getting students to appreciate how ethics is relevant to their own majors and minors is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job.

Dr. Bindu Madhok
Professor of Philosophy