Downtown Albion

These restaurants are within walking distance of the Marriot and the College.

  • Malleable Brewing Company, 420 S. Superior – brewpub with excellent pub food on a limited menu
  • Cascarelli’s, 116. S. Superior – Italian/pizza/pub food, oldest and best established eatery in Albion
  • Galazio Restaurant & Deli, 301 N. Clinton – features Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, alcohol is available
  • Foundry Bakery, 400 S. Superior – good sandwiches, breakfast/lunch only
  • Bistro within the Marriott Hotel, 200 S. Superior – more small bites than hearty fare, breakfast/dinnertime only
  • Charlie’s Tavern, 111 W. Porter St. – local bar, burgers/pizza
  • Lopez Taco House, 205 N. Superior – basic Mexican, (no alcohol)
  • Hungry Howie’s Pizza, 111 W. Cass St. – take-out only
  • Subway, 104 E. Erie St.
  • Rae’s Diner, 113 E. Michigan – diner, all that you can imagine with that name
  • Biggby Coffee, 217 E. Michigan – breakfast sandwiches

Out by the freeway

These restaurants are about one mile from the hotel and campus.

  • KFC, 1317 N. Eaton St
  • Pizza Hut, 1435 N. Eaton St.
  • McDonalds, 1507 N. Eaton St.
  • Taco Bell, 1440 N Eaton St.
  • La Casa Mexicana, 1510 N. Eaton St. – Mexican restaurant with alcohol served
  • Subway, 27815 C Drive N
  • Arby’s, 27790 C Drive N
  • Full Moon Restaurant, 200 B Drive N – comfort food

Guests can also use Albion College cafeteria services for a reasonable fee – student dining at Albion features lots of choices and can be found at Baldwin Hall, 203 S. Hannah St., lower level.