Meet Our Alumni

Meet recent graduates from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science as they reflect on their Albion College experience.

  • Ethan Sutton, ’17

    Performance Improvement, Ernst & Young

    “No two days on the job are ever the same… It’s an exciting field that is constantly evolving which requires me to consistently be learning new things and adapting to change, which I really enjoy.”

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  • Tram Hoang, ’15

    Michigan State University's Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics Ph.D. Program

    “Albion gave me the opportunity to study at the London School of Economics and to pursue my research interests through FURSCA and a senior thesis.”

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  • Paxton Mueller, ’15

    Data Analytics Consultant, Ernst & Young

    “Albion gave me the education and experiences necessary to be successful at EY and anywhere else life takes me. My background in mathematics and economics helped me to develop strong problem solving skills and taught me how to work effectively under pressure.”

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  • Katie Strunk, ’15

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

    “I was able to get my first internship through an alumni connection, and my second internship through the club that I started during my senior year.”

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  • Sarah Erdman, ’14

    Analyst, Ernst & Young

    “The work varies greatly from client to client, which is part of what makes it so interesting, and deals with a variety of tasks from designing and implementing new financial systems to analyzing data to improve cost management.”

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  • Rob Clark, ’12

    Ally Bank

    “Albion challenged me. My mathematical foundation coming out of college was very solid, which allowed me to continue growing and learning.”

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  • Aaron Croad, ’12

    Data Analytics Consultant, Ernst & Young

    “Being able to have variety and a continued education (in any sense) in my line of work was the two things I valued most in a job coming out of college, and Ernst & Young provides both for me.”

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  • John Pearce, ’11

    Quantitative Analyst, Northpointe Capital

    “My job is a perfect example of how a liberal arts degree applies in a professional setting. Working in the markets also gives you instant, concrete, feedback about the validity of your ideas. There is never a dull moment.”

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