Faculty and Staff

  • Mark E. Bollman

    Chair and Professor

    B.A., 1986, Northwestern University;
    M.A., 1988, University of Michigan;
    Ph.D., 2001, Central Michigan University.
    Appointed 1999.
    Research Areas: Mathematics of gambling (“applied probability”), combinatorial number theory, mathematics education.


    Office: 226 Palenske Hall
    Email: mbollman@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0261

  • Paul L. Anderson


    B.S., 1976, M.S., 1979, Ph.D., 1989, Colorado School of Mines.
    Appointed 1990.
    Research Areas: Probability and statistics; time-series analysis.


    Office: 250 Putnam Hall
    Email: panderson@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0304

  • Darren E. Mason


    B.S. in Mathematics (Cum Laude), 1991, and Ph.D. in Mechanics, 1996; Both degrees from University of Minnesota – Institute of Technology.
    Appointed 2001.
    Research Areas: Actuarial Science, Quantitative Finance, Partial Differential Equations, Variational Calculus, Continuum Mechanics, Materials Science.


    Office: 224 Palenske Hall
    Email: dmason@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0826

  • David A. Reimann


    B.S., 1986, University of Toledo;
    M.A., 1990, Wayne State University;
    Ph.D., 1998, Wayne State University.
    Appointed 1996.
    Research Areas: Mathematical Art.


    Office: 252 Putnam Hall
    Email: dreimann@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0426

  • Karla R. McCavit

    Director for STEM Success

    B.S., 1993, Adrian College;
    M.S., 1995, Michigan State University.
    Appointed 1995.

    Office: 230 Palenske Hall and 203 Mudd (QSC)
    Email: kmccavit@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0824

  • Drew Ash

    Assistant Professor

    B.A., 2009, Ithaca College;
    M.S., 2011, University of Denver;
    Ph.D., 2016, University of Denver.
    Appointed 2018.
    Research Areas: Topological dynamics, ergodic Theory, symbolic dynamics.


    Office: 222 Palenske Hall
    Email: dash@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0363

  • April Grow

    Technical Lecturer

    B.S. Grand Valley State University;
    M.A. Central Michigan University.
    Appointed 2020.

    Office: 228 Palenske Hall
    Email: agrow@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0200

  • Matt Jackson

    Adjunct Instructor

    B.S., Industrial Engineering, 2001, University of Louisville;
    M.Ed,, 2012, Jones International University.

    Office: Seeley-Mudd Learning Center
    Email: mjackson@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0974

  • Andy Young

    Adjunct Instructor

    Masters in Math Education, 2004, Western Michigan University.
    Appointed 2022.

    Email: AVYOUNG@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0361

  • Mauricio Marengoni

    Visiting Assistant Professor

    Ph.D., 2002, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
    Appointed 2021.
    Research Areas: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

    Office: Putnam 258
    Email: mmarengoni@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0128

  • Yuming Zhang

    Assistant Professor

    B.S., 1999, Tsinghua University, Beijing;
    M.S., 2002, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing;
    Ph.D., 2018, University of New Mexico.
    Appointed 2020.
    Research Areas: Computer graphics, Physics-based simulation, Traffic flow simulation.


    Office: Palenske 220
    Email: yzhang@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0287

  • Ellen Wilch

    Departmental Secretary

    Office: 154 Putnam
    Email: ewilch@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0276

Faculty Emeriti

  • Ronald C. Fryxell

    Professor Emeritus

    B.A., 1960, Augustana College;
    M.A., 1962, Ph.D., 1964, Washington State University
    Appointed 1964.

  • Robert A. Messer

    Professor Emeritus

    Areas of Interest: Author of Topology Now! in collaboration with Phil Straffin, Beloit College, a textbook with a geometric approach to topology; Change ringing, English and American traditional dance forms.

  • Keith Moore

    Professor Emeritus

    B.S., 1947, Southwestern College
    M.A., 1948, Ph.D., 1951, University of Kansas
    Appointed 1952.

    Dr. Moore, who taught at Albion College for 34 years, passed away July 26, 2014.

  • Martha R. O'Kennon

    Professor Emeritus

    B.A., 1961, University of Richmond; M.S. in mathematics, 1970, M.S. in computer engineering, 1981, Ph.D., 1973, Clarkson University.
    Appointed 1985.

    Research Areas: Machine translation of natural languages – try it!

  • John A. Wenzel

    Professor Emeritus

    B.A., 1963, Carleton College
    M.A., 1965, Ph.D., 1969, University of Kansas
    Appointed 1969.