How did people live in the past? What forces and factors impacted their lives? How did their choices shape the world we live in today? The History Department at Albion College seeks to foster creative and analytical thinkers who are interested in questions of how human societies change over time.

We pair our courses–where you will learn about civilizations from all over the world–with opportunities for hands-on research, off-campus study and active learning. As a student of history, you’ll investigate how societies have organized themselves from the earliest times to the present. Our courses examine how civilizations were formed, how national ideologies develop and how concepts like race and gender have impacted individuals and communities over time.

As a department, we prioritize active learning and offer many opportunities to put your study into action. You can undertake archival research, participate in Greek and Roman military maneuvers and role-playing games, attend silent film screenings with live musical performances or work with artifacts and primary source materials drawn from faculty members’ research expertise. 

As a student of history, you’ll graduate equipped with keen analytical, rhetorical, critical thinking, research and verbal and written communication skills. Combine your love of history with political science and become a political advisor. Make a lasting impression on today’s youth by majoring in history with an elementary or secondary education certification. Or pursue a career in public history as an archivist, librarian or museum curator.

Students practice ancient Roman marching techniques on the Quad.

History Major and Minor

As a history major or minor, you’ll develop skills as a critical thinker, analyst and communicator as you learn to connect past to present.

You’ll examine many cultures and time periods while maintaining the freedom to choose what interests you most.

Our courses take you around the world—Europe, Latin America, East Asia, Africa and the United States—as well as through the centuries—from 3000 BCE to the 21st century.

History Major and Minor

History Courses

As a student of history, you’ll build a broad knowledge base, taking courses in American, European and Asian or Latin American History, as well as a number of special topics. Explore courses offered by our department and courses accepted for transfer credit.

Students walking into and out of Stockwell Memorial Library.

Coy James Memorial Lecture Series in American History

Each year, the Albion College History Department invites a distinguished scholar in U.S. history to share their work with faculty, students and the community.

This endowed lecture series was established to honor the late Professor Coy James, a much-revered member of the History faculty who taught at Albion College from 1946 to 1975.

Past and Upcoming Lectures