Study great works of literature, from Victorian novels to contemporary poetry. Discuss and debate complex ideas and learn to read critically, write clearly, and think creatively.

Develop the most essential skills required to live and thrive in any society—reading, writing and thinking. Learn to analyze and reflect on writings from a wide range of genres. Foster your own passion for writing, and develop communication skills that allow you to express ideas with clarity and grace.  

Our department offers a rich overview of major and minor literary works, time periods, and theoretical foundations. Our faculty are passionate about using literature and the written word as a way of understanding our world today. 

You’ll find that our courses do not merely stick to the pages of a written piece, but explore certain theoretical considerations implicit in literary studies, such as the question of canon formation and the impact of gender, race, ethnicity, and class on the creation and reception of literary works.

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English Major and Minor

As an English major or minor, you’ll take courses in a wide range of literature in English, creative writing, and journalism. You’ll study major works and you’ll also examine the impacts of gender, race and ethnicity, and class on the creation and reception of those works.

You’ll also have the opportunity to pursue an emphasis in Creative Writing or Professional Writing or obtain an Education Certification along with your English major or minor.

English Major and Minor

English Courses

Through our courses, you’ll learn to understand the power of language and you’ll know how to harness it to make an impact in your own life, in your community or in the world. Explore courses offered by our department and courses accepted for transfer credit.

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Write for The Pleiad

Be part of our award-winning student-run newspaper, The Pleiad.

You can join as a staff member or just as a guest writer and have the opportunity to see your work published.

Grow in your technical skills as a writer and build your professional portfolio.

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Hone Your Writing Skills

Continuous development as a writer is a central part of a liberal arts education. Learn about college writing proficiency requirements and the resources available to you through the Writing Center.