Career Opportunities

Two students and a professor sitting at a lab table.The Biology Department at Albion College has traditionally maintained strong programs for the preparation of students for careers in a wide variety of professions. The Department recognizes that students need to be informed about the many different professional directions possible, and that they often desire advice on the best ways to prepare to enter specific professional careers. The Biology faculty take a strong interest in their advisory function and regularly participate in meetings to inform students of career options, in hosting visits by professionals and representatives of postgraduate opportunities with whom students can interact, and by providing students with opportunities for direct [internship] experiences in areas of biology in which they have interests. Some of the many professions in which our graduates have made their life work include:

The Health Sciences: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Anesthesiology, Optometry, Podiatry.

The Allied Health Sciences: Nursing (R.N., Doctor of Nursing, and Nurse Anesthetist), Physical and Occupational Therapy, Health Psychology, Genetic Counselling, Physician Assistant.

Health-Related Areas: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Health Services Administration, Public Health Administration, Environmental Health, Nutrition Science, Dietetics, Pharmacology.

Some areas of Graduate Study, usually leading to the PhD degree: Arachnology, Bacteriology, Biological Chemistry, Botany, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology and Embryology, Ecology and Environmental Science, Genetics, Human Ecology, Immunology, Invertebrate Zoology, Limnology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Museum Curation, Neurobiology, Paleobiology, Parasitology, Physiology of Plants and Physiology of Animals, Radiation Biology, Virology, Wildlife Biology. These credentials usually lead to college/university teaching and research but may also lead to industrial, governmental, natural resources and fisheries, or nature center interpretive employment among others. Listed below are some graduate schools and programs currently or recently attended by Albion biology graduates.

  • Duke University School of the Environment
  • Florida International University – School of the Environment and Marine
  • Harvard University – Medical Sciences Department
  • Michigan State University – Biology, Plant Pathology, Zoology
  • Ohio State University – Microbiology
  • Sarah Lawrence College – Genetic Counseling
  • Scripps Institute of Oceanography – Marine Biology
  • Southwest Medical Center, Dallas – Cell Biology
  • Tufts University School of Nutrition
  • University of Arizona – Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • University of Cincinnati – Molecular Biology and Biological Sciences
  • University of Hawaii School of Marine Science
  • University of Miami – Physiology
  • University of Michigan – Public Health, Microbiology/Immunology Program,
  • University of Nebraska – Cell Biology
  • University of North Carolina – Molecular Biology
  • University of Rhode Island – Zoology
  • University of Tennessee – Knoxville – Biotechnology, Ecology/Wildlife
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison – Molecular Biology, Medical
  • Washington University – Biochemistry
  • Yale University – Molecular Biology