Dimensions in Diversity Lecture Series

Diverse representation of historically underrepresented populations in STEM!

The James L. Curtis Institute for Race and Belonging (JLC) proudly presents its inaugural Dimensions in Diversity Lecture Series. The series is  designed to provide access to diverse groups of working professionals in both STEM and interdisciplinary fields of study through workshops and group panel discussions. Hosted at Albion College through the year, the series provides all students, indifferent to JLC membership, the opportunity to experience, explore and engage. Because representation truly matters, JLC is committed to exposing Albion College students of all races and ethnicities to innovative programming that is as diverse as the populations we serve. 

This year’s series offered an array of professional and academic development opportunities. Spanning from the written word, hip-hop activism, and performance to science, mathematics, and engineering, the Dimensions of Diversity series inspired, informed, and promoted the success of Albion College students.

This year JLC hosted the following talents during our inaugural Dimension in Diversity Series.
  • The Power of Written Word as Social Action: Jiquanda Johnson, Publisher of Flint Beat, and owner of Brown Impact Media Group
  • The Power of Performance as Social Action: Mama Sōl, Activist and Award Winning Hip Hop Preforming Artist
    • NAACP Founders Day Celebration featuring Mama Sōl
  • Young, Black and STEM Symposium: Rodney Singleton Jr. , Ph. D. Johns Hopkins University, Assata Moore, Black Math Genius, Michael McCaskill, Ph. D. USDA.