James L. Curtis Institute for Race and Belonging

You are here, You are understood, Who you are matters!

You’ve always asked the hard questions. You stand up, you stand out, you make your concerns known. You’re interested in learning more about racial injustice, why it’s still a problem, and how we can work together to overcome it.

The James L. Curtis Institute for Race and Belonging explores and promotes the possibilities of hope, reparative action, and constructive community engagement as guiding principles toward a racially just world.

JLC is an interdisciplinary institute that allows all students, faculty and staff to support and serve.

Applying to an Institute and/or Center via the website is only available to first-year students. If you are a current Albion College student looking to apply to an Institute and/or Center, please contact the specific Director of the Institute and/or Center directly for application information.

Where can JLC take me?

JLC can take you to the best place to be: A better understanding of you! Curtis is all about you. Your place in society. Your desire to make the world a place of belonging where all feel they have a voice and that voice can be heard. JLC offers a springboard to launch your commitment to improving race relations in our nation and beyond. Where can JLC take you; towards creating a better, more diverse, and equitable society.