James L. Curtis Institute for Social Change

Toward a better world.

The James L. Curtis Institute for Social Change provides transformative experiential learning opportunities that nurture the cultural, academic, and civic development of its members, and fosters lifelong confidence and learning in interdisciplinary fields.

We love interdisciplinary conversations that inspire discovery and innovation and prepare students to be agents of change in their professions and communities. We are committed to using educatoin to answer critical questions about justice, equity, and belonging. Curtis Center programming promotes inclusive access to knowledge, credentials, and professions at Albion College and in all of the communities that matter to our members. 

Where can Curtis take me?

Curtis can take you to the best place to be: A better understanding of you! Curtis is all about you. Your place in society. Your desire to make the world a place of belonging where all feel they have a voice and that voice can be heard. Curtis offers a springboard to launch your commitment to improving society. Where can Curtis take you; towards creating a better, more diverse, and equitable society.