Riding Program

How We’re Different

Many colleges offer riding programs. Many colleges have intercollegiate equestrian teams. But none are quite like Albion.

Albion College equestrians attend a Top 125 Liberal Arts College, which means the simple mechanics of riding a horse aren’t enough to challenge them. Instead, our students want to know as much as they can, not only about the disciplines taught at the Held Equestrian Center, but also about horse care, the history of equestrian sport, and opportunities for work in the horse industry outside of the day-to-day operations of a barn.

Albion equestrians are leaders in thought and in practice. They understand how a foundation in dressage helps a rider put in a faster jump off round, how practicing the control of a reining pattern can improve their horsemanship rounds, and how an understanding of disciplines outside their own makes them better all-around horsemen and women.

Albion College takes a liberal arts approach to education and riding that you won’t find anywhere else. So come visit. Meet our staff, students, and horses. Let us show you how our approach to a college equestrian program could be the right one for you.


Priority for lessons at the Held Equestrian Center are given to members of the varsity riding team. They are required to take two lessons per week with their coaches, as well as a formal team practice once per week. Additional practice rides during non-practice days may be assigned at the discretion of the individual coaches. (There is no fee for varsity riding lessons or practices.)

For students who don’t participate in the varsity equestrian program, lessons in hunt seat, dressage, and western are offered on a space available basis. Interested students may contact the equestrian center to inquire.

Student rateCommunity rate
Private Lesson:$85$90
Semi-Private Lesson:
(2 riders)
Group Lesson:
(3-5 riders)
Varsity Team Session:
Wellness Riding Course Fee$140 (per semester)