Local Sexual Assault Advocates (LSAAs)

Non-Emergency & Confidential Referral Service Sexual Assault Services of Calhoun County, Bronson Battle Creek Local Sexual Assault Advocacy (LSAA) Program at Albion College

Sexual Assault Services of Calhoun County (SAS), Bronson Battle Creek, sponsors a Local Sexual Assault Advocate (LSAA) Program at the College to supplement SAS services. The LSAA volunteers are members of the College community who have been trained to offer support, advocacy, information, and referrals exclusively to current Albion College faculty, staff, and students who are (a) survivors of sexual assault, or (b) attending to another community member who is a survivor. LSAA volunteers are trained to maintain confidentiality while they are acting in that capacity, except in instances that involve a threat of harm to any person. LSAA volunteers have access to spaces on campus that allow them to meet with survivors and others in a confidential setting.

For urgent or emergency services, contact SAS directly 24/7: 888-383-2192

The following faculty LSAAs provide assistance on Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • Dr. Trisha Franzen

    Professor of Women's and Gender Studies

    B.A., State University of New York, Buffalo
    M.A., University of New Mexico
    Ph.D., University of New Mexico

    Office: Robinson Hall 201A
    Email: tfranzen@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0535

  • Dr. Scott Melzer

    Professor of Sociology and Department Chair

    B.A., University of Florida
    M.A., University of California Riverside
    Ph.D., University of California Riverside


    Office: Robinson Hall 309
    Email: smelzer@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0421

  • Eric Hill

    Associate Professor

    B.A., Oglethorpe College, 2004
    M.A., Arizona State University, 2007
    Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2010
    Appointed 2010

    Email: ehill@albion.edu

  • Marcie Noble

    Visiting Instructor

    Marcie Noble joined the Albion College faculty as a visiting instructor in 2009. She completed her Ph.D. at Western Michigan University, specializing in Eighteenth through Twenty-first Century Spanish American Literature and Culture, and Medieval and Golden Age Spanish Literature and Culture. Her research interests include twentieth and twenty-first century Latin American literature and cultures and their intersections with globalization, migration, race, and gender, and her dissertation—Nationalism, Universality, and Globalization: Notes on the narrative of three Guatemalan authors—explores a trajectory from a nationally focused literature to one that is increasingly global. Marcie teaches all levels of Spanish language as well as courses on the literature and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world, including Introduction to Hispanic Studies, South American Identities and Cultural Perspectives, a survey of Central American Literature, and courses focused on women and gender in the Spanish-speaking world and culture, identity and globalization in Latin America.

    Office: Vulgamore Hall 107
    Email: mnoble@albion.edu
    Phone: (517) 629-0209

  • Krista Quesenberry

    Assistant Professor

    B.A., Ball State University
    M.A. and dual-title Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

    Research Specialization: Krista’s teaching and research covers a range of fields — professional writing, American literature, feminist and LGBTQ theories, and narrative medicine. Her recent work has appeared in Life WritingThe Hemingway Review, the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, and American Literary Scholarship. Krista is currently working on editorial and archival projects about American literary figures (Ernest HemingwayKay Boyle with James Laughlin, and Margaret Anderson), as well as on a long-term project about the experience of diagnosis as represented in graphic memoirs about illnesses and disabilities.

    Courses: Intro to Literature; College Writing; Pleiad Practicum sequence; Professional Writing; Science, Technical, and Medical Writing; Writing in the Non-Profit Sector. Faculty adviser, Albion Pleiad.

    Email: kquesenberry@albion.edu

Student LSAAs are available to provide assistance seven days a week between 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.