Housing & Dining

A place where you can be. A place where you belong.

Living on Campus

Living on campus is at the core of the Albion experience. More than a place to sleep, eat and study, we see it as an opportunity to make new friends and learn life skills. It’s more than a home away from home. It’s a community. 

Residence Halls

The exterior of Wesley Hall

Wesley Hall

Ingham Hall
Ingham Hall living area
The exterior of Whitehouse Hall

Whitehouse Hall

The exterior of the Mae Harrison Karro Student Residential Village

The Mae Harrison Karro Student Residential Village

Interior of a kitchen in the Mae Harrison Karro Student Residential Village

Kitchens in the Mae Harrison Karro Student Residential Village

The exterior of Burns St. Apartments

Burns St. Apartments

The exterior of Briton House Apartments

Briton House Apartments

The exterior of 507 Erie Street Apartments

507 Erie Street Apartments

The dining area in 507 Erie Street Apartments

Dining area in 507 Erie Street Apartments

As a first-year student, you’ll live in either Wesley Hall or Seaton Hall. Our halls of residence include study spaces, kitchenette and laundry areas, and a common area where you can chill and catch a movie. As a sophomore, junior or senior, you’ll be able to choose from our other residence hall, apartment and specialty housing options and intentional living communities. 

Housing Options

Room Assignments

Where will you live? More importantly, with whom? The first part of the process is in your hands. By filling out the Housing Request Form, you can give us information on your preferences and lifestyle, and even request a specific roommate. 

After your first year, you’ll participate in the housing lottery system. This allows you to pick from a variety of housing options and amenities.

Room Selection

Upcoming Breaks

Dining on Campus

Students dining in Baldwin Hall.

At Albion, you’ll be able to find all the comforts of home-cooked meals with the thrills of exciting and tasty eats. Throughout the year, we are proud to offer fresh, delicious and locally-sourced food to you. After your first year, you’ll also have the option to cook for yourself in either one of our on-campus apartments or intentional living communities.

Need a Coffee Break?

Head to Eat Shop Café or Read Between the Grinds to grab a coffee or a quick bite. Both serve drinks and snacks.

There’s Always Time to Eat

For those times when you need to grab-and-go, you can find ready-made options at Briton Break, the Eat Shop Café and Read Between the Grinds.

Dining Options

Meal Plans

As a student at Albion, you can choose between several different meal plans designed for residential and commuter students. For everything else, there’s Briton Bucks. Learn which plan fits you best and how to use your Albion 1Card for purchases on campus.

Residential Meal Plans

Commuter Meal Plans

Briton Bucks