Founders’ Day

Happy 187th birthday, Albion College! Happy Founders’ Day!

A sheet cake that reads Happy Birthday Albion.

Today, Albion College celebrates 187 years as an institution. That’s a remarkable milestone, one that is shared by less than 3% of all American colleges and universities. For 187 years, Albion College has been proud to send our graduates out into the world with liberal arts degrees that prepared them for business and personal success in all walks of life.

Jim Whitehouse, ’69 shares his Albion Everywhere experience:

Years ago, Marsha and I were on an airplane leaving California to return to Michigan. We could hear two women behind us getting acquainted, and they soon discovered they both attended Albion College. Then they discovered they both had the same “favorite professor”, who happened to be my grandfather. We turned around and sat on our knees to speak with them. The people behind them overheard our conversation, and it turned out that they, too, were Albion alumni. Then, a woman and her teen-aged daughter sitting across the aisle from us chimed in — they were headed to Albion for a college visit. It was quite a party!

Albion is Everywhere!

For 187 years, Albion graduates have networked in their personal and in their business lives. There is even an entire group of “Smitten Britons”, those who met and married at Albion College! Your business contacts, your networking connections, your life skills tips — all these are worth sharing with others. Your financial support helps to provide that Albion Experience to current and future students.

In honor of our founding year, 1835, please give a gift of $18.35, $183.50, or even $1,835 to celebrate this historic moment with us!

Please share your own Albion Everywhere story. There are so many ways that Albion graduates interact with each other across the world. It might be a chance meeting on a plane, waiting in line at Disney World, or walking through the grocery — we love to hear your stories!

Register now to join us tonight for our final virtual event of the week at 7:30 p.m. EST — Happy Founders Day! Join student, Akaiia Ridley, ’22, and current archivist, Elizabeth Palmer, ’10 to celebrate Albion history.

Elizabeth will share the Founding and Firsts of Albion College history. Akaiia will share her research and soon-to-be thesis on the history of Black alumni called The Beginning of Belonging. Akaiia gathered stories and researched important milestones in the Black history of Albion College.

Join us to hear these stories and share your own story!