Batoul Ballout, ’19, art exhibit opens Sept. 29

"I Remember Picking Olives From Trees" exhibit will be in Munro Gallery inside Bobbitt Visual Arts Center

September 27, 2023

Batoul Ballout, a wildly talented Albion alumna from the Class of 2019, will display her work, “I Remember Picking Olives From Trees,” in Munro Gallery inside Bobbitt Visual Arts Center this Friday, Sept. 29.

Ballout immigrated to the United States in 2014 from Beirut, Lebanon. She uses painting, drawing, and installation to explore what it means to be— an immigrant, a person with PTSD, an artist, etc.— in an unstable world. In her work, she explores memory and the constant desire to hold on to fleeting experiences. She paints to maintain an archive, to understand her struggles and heal. Ultimately, Ballout’s art is a way for her to connect with herself and others, explore the complexities of the human experience and work towards a more compassionate reality.

Additionally, prints from the Albion College Collection will be on display in Dickinson Gallery. The theme of the prints is “These Threads of Life.”

Both exhibits run through Saturday, Oct. 28.

The College’s Art and Art History Department conducts a continuous exhibition program during the academic year, displaying art from collectors, artists, and regional museums as well as selections from the Albion’s vast permanent collection and work of faculty and students.

Gallery hours, a schedule of upcoming exhibits and more information can be found on the Art Department website.